The Academy

The purpose of The Academy is to reflect upon and conceptualise the nature of diverse world-systems that extend beyond and outside the structure that frames our current collective worldview.

T he Academy’s role within the Centre is to provide the context for selecting the most appropriate intervention points in the systems that need revival or change. Its work provides guidance for the most effective use of the Centre’s resources to affect the change we aim to achieve, and informs the selection of The Incubator projects.

The Incubator

The core of the Centre’s operations, The Incubator is a delivery capability that deploys the Centre’s intervention capital to initiate and scale-up projects that deliver global system change.

I ntervention projects are identified for their ability to shift the balance of current world systems with the minimum effort and resource, leveraging the existing societal momentum or pressure for change. Projects are selected in the context of the needs identified by The Academy and the learnings of the real-time insights delivered by The Observatory.

The Observatory

Centre for the Future is not a single facility but a web of high-tech observatories located in strategically significant parts of the world. Each observatory provides a futures-oriented immersive decision theatre where more viable solutions can be prototyped to address the challenges of our time.

W orking in harmony to synthesise conflicting opinions and find common ground, The Centre brings together visualisation technologies and a unique method for engaging design thinking, realised in practices that can be scaled-up with the least amount of effort and disruption.

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